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How do I prepare a three-dimensional slice sequence for rendering?

The slice sequence is ready for rendering and you do not have to do anything beforehand. You can resize the sequence of 2D images to cubic voxels in 3D Slice Sequence window, in order to increase the speed and to decrease calculation time of the rendering process. Also performing this operation in advance, you can prepare an .isf file for Surface Shading (a rendering method, which is faster than the other ones).

How do I choose filter parameters for volume rendering?

You can define filter parameters after opening a file in 3D Scene Shading window. This is an interactive process. You can either right-click the window and choose Set Filter Parameters or select the corresponding item in the Method menu. In the dialog box you fill in the filter boundaries in the color-fields.

If you do not know the appropriate values for a given structure, please follow the process below:

Open the .i3 file in the 3D Slice Sequence window. With cursor placed on the 2D image, click the right-mouse button and drag the cursor. At the bottom of the screen, you will see three numbers. The third one (after ":") shows you the tissue density of the structure, on which your pointer is situated. Move the pointer to the structure you want to reconstruct and write down its average density. Then in Filter Parameters window define for low value: the average one - 10?30, and for high value: the average one + 10?30. Using Preview option , you can check if the selected values cover the whole structure for reconstruction.

Where can I measure distance and angles?

You can measure distances and angles in 2D reconstructions, as well as distances in 3D scenes.

Planar measuments can be done in 3D Slice Sequence window. Select Transform from the main menu and then click on Multiplanar Reconstructions. Measurement panel is the third one in the Control area.

To measure distance, you have to select the appropriate radio-button. Then click at the starting point with the left-mouse button, drag the cursor holding the mouse button, and release the button at the final point. Distance in cm will appear in the Control area.

For measuring angles, proceed in the following way: Select Angle radio-button in the Control area. Move the pointer over the image. In order to define one of the angle's arms, click and hold down left mouse button while dragging the cursor. Release mouse button after reaching the final point. Then without pressing the mouse button again, move the cursor to form the second angle's arm. Angle value, in degrees will appear in the Control area.

3D measurements are done in 3D Scene Shading window. Right-click the image and select Measure distance. Then click on the starting and ending points of the distance you wamt tomeasure. The distance in cm will appear at the status bar. If one or more of the points you selected is not on a solid object in the scene space, an error message is displayed.

Can I print out an image?

It is possible to print out an image from all Amedic-3D main windows. You will find this option in File menu. In most of the main windows are also included Print buttons in the toolbar, which can be selected directly.

Is it possible to find a specific patient's file?

Yes. For this purpose Amedic-3D users have available search engine in "Examination editor" window. It is activated either by selecting Search/Find examination from the main menu or by pressing Find examination button in the same window. The search process is fast and easy to perform.

How do I start rendering?

In order to view a structure three-dimensionally, a rendering process has to be performed.

You can start rendering, after opening a file in 3D Scene Shading window and defining filter parameters and viewpoint. The Start Rendering button is situated on the toolbar in 3D Scene Shading window.

Is it possible to view more than one slice in a screen?

Yes, it is possible to do that in 3D Slice Sequence window.

Select View from the main menu. If you want to see 4 slices at a time on the screen, select 2x2. In order to view 9 slices at a time, select 3x3.

Can I use filter parameters with 2D images?

Yes, you can do that in 3D Slice Sequence window. Select Filter Parameters button from the toolbar. Then define the low and high values for each color field and press OK.

If you want to see only the regions containing pixels with the defined density values, press Simple color filter push-button on the toolbar.

If you want to see the regions containing pixels with the defined density values with their respective desity values, press Gradient color filter push-button on the toolbar.

How do I fill in "Examination Editor" fields?

You can Add or Remove a field, pressing the corresponding buttons and selecting a field from the drop-down list.

Editing a field can be done in the second panel. After filling in the data, press Enter and the information will appear in the lower panel (Full text). Notice that you can not directly change the information in this panel. For editing purposes, you have to go to Edit panel.

Where can I arrange my Amedic-3D files?

In order to arrange your Amedic-3D files, you can take advantage of the "File Manager" window. You can easily Open, Move, Copy, Delete, Rename, Send or Print files in it.

Do I have access to other programs from Amedic-3D?

Yes, in Control Panel you will find them in the menu and on the toolbar. Amedic-3D connects you directly with Windows Explorer. You have also available Calculator and Wordpad. The User Defined Application is left to your choice and there you can place any program available on your computer.

Where can I find the answers of all my questions?

There are four possible directions to look for answers to your questions:

  • Interactive Help file is always available, while working with Amedic-3D.
  • The manual, you receive with your Amedic-3D package, has answers to most of your questions.
  • Check the information available on the Support/FAQ sections of our website.
  • Contact our support staff, who will be always glad to answer all your questions.

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