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Amedic-DICOM is our cost-effective solution for viewing DICOM formatted images. It runs on 32-bit Windows 95/NT 4.0 platform.

Amedic-DICOM accepts DICOM 3.0 compliant images and patient data from any equipment, either via standard TCP network or on standard DICOM media (CD-R, MO, Floppies).

Amedic-DICOM is optimized for speed and quality of image display. You can turn your low-end PC into DICOM review station. Or you can utilize the power of modern PC architecture to view Angiography/Sonography cine data.

The system supports following modalities:

  • Computed Radiography Image
  • CT Image
  • Ultrasound Multi-frame Image
  • MR Image
  • Nuclear Medicine Image
  • Ultrasound Image
  • Secondary Capture Image
  • X-ray Angiographic Image
  • X-ray RadioFluoroscopic Image
  • X-ray Angiographic Bi-plane Image
  • Media Storage Directory

Click here to see the Amedic-DICOM presentation.

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