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LIVE! is the first system to offer an affordable set of tools for live broadcasting from any internet enabled computer to anybody in the world. One of its powerful tools is the easy to use video broadcaster which works with the user's webcam or camcorder. Another tool offered is the two-way live text chat with the viewers. Also, you could support your ideas and influence your audience by using Live! to add slides to your presentation.

Performing polls and getting immediate results in real time during your broadcast is a radical feature you can get from LIVE! With this product you can even choose to record your presentations and make them available for later viewing by users who were not available during the live broadcast. In summary, LIVE! is a radical product utilizing a new technology, thus offering you advanced options with video streaming helping you achieve the goals of your business best.

Benefits of Streaming:
  • Your video can be shown any place: your audience can view the video on any internet ready multimedia computer (or other device);
  • It can be shown any time: your video file can be viewed as many times as needed and any time when it is necessary as long as the viewers have an adequate workstation;
  • It can be enhanced: you can increase the impact of the video by adding additional text, slides, as well as hyperlinks;
  • It can be interactive: with video streaming viewers can choose (or you can direct them) which parts of the video to watch as well as in which order.
Why choose LIVE!?
  • A major reason to start with LIVE is the ease of use – thanks to the intuitive interface, real-time help and automated system setup with no software downloads. In fact, most of the users are up and broadcasting within 10 min of opening their accounts. There is absolutely no software to buy and install on your computer.
  • Affordability is another reason for choosing LIVE! The typical user will have to pay 10-20 times less for LIVE! than for using other comparable services.
  • Scalability and expandability is an important reason for using exactly LIVE!! because our product is built on a scalable architecture which can grow at the pace of your business. Whether you are a one person start up or a Fortune 100 company LIVE! has the right tools for you.

LIVE! introduces innovative functionality that makes video streaming more productive. The extensive toolset includes:

  • Flexible video streaming settings with video quality matching any broadcast scenario from 33.6 KBit/s dial-up modem to 500 KBit/s LAN broadcasts;
  • Ability to change the broadcast quality/bandwidth requirements “on-the-fly” while broadcasting to match the audience connection speed, address broadcaster connection fluctuations and ensure best possible user experience;
  • Dual-bandwidth broadcasting allowing simultaneous watching by both dial-up and broadband viewers;
  • Extensive set of troubleshooting tools allowing audio and video device configuration and connection speed auto-detection;
  • Real-time viewer stats and broadcast duration / quality;
  • Real-time viewer feed-back about broadcast quality, user experience and potential technical problems;
  • Individual broadcaster “Home page” (landing page) with customizable interface allowing partial “Co-branding” with broadcaster’s own Ads, Banners, Previews and URLs;
  • Multiple broadcast profiles for pre-set broadcast session settings for custom slides, polls, banners, etc.;
  • Live two-way text chat with the broadcaster;
  • Slide management with automatic slide upload, resizing and distribution during the live broadcast;
  • Broadcaster polls with multiple questions and real-time feedback about the viewer opinions;
  • Public, Pay-per-View (password protected) and Private (by invitation only) broadcasts;
  • Extensive viewers’ and viewer groups’ management for fine control over protected content access;
  • Extensive broadcast scheduling with personal broadcast listings, including recurring presentations (e.g. “Sales Broadcast” every Friday at 11:00 AM PST);
  • Automatic broadcast notification / invitation by email to selected viewers;
  • Ability to record presentations in your own Video Vault (together with the associated slides and slide push times) and offer them for playback at a later time (including Pay-per-View and Private access to recorded content);
  • Extensible, fail-safe broadcast server platform with built-in redundancy and load-balancing can handle from single broadcast to thousands of concurrent broadcasts with up to 2500 concurrent viewers per broadcast;
  • Powerful access plan and broadcaster account management system with available account management API for remote system control;
  • Extensive system back office with global system stats, real-time server farm monitoring, access plan control, account management and server administration.

The result is a powerful solution that improves collaboration between groups of two or two thousand.

System Requirements:


  • Hardware platform: Pentium II class PC or higher (Pentium III / 800MHz or faster strongly recommended);
  • Hardware requirements: A Video-for-Windows or Direct X compatible video device (webcam, TV card, DV camera) and a sound recording device (audio card or webcam microphone);
  • Operating system: MS Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP with Direct X 7.1 or higher (MS Windows XP with Direct X 9.0 strongly recommended) with MS Windows Media Player 7.0 or higher;
  • Supported web-browsers: MS Internet Explorer 5.5 and higher;


  • Hardware platform: Pentium II class PC or higher (Pentium III / 800MHz or faster strongly recommended), Apple iMac OS X;
  • Operating system: MS Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP with Direct X 7.1 or higher (MS Windows XP with Direct X 9.0 strongly recommended), Apple iMac OS X with MS Windows Media Player 7.0 or higher;
  • Supported web-browsers: Cross-browser compliant;
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