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Video WebMail 1.2

Video WebMail is a simple video email solution which allows organizations to establish a video-messaging system without the high cost associated with most of the specialized solutions. Video WebMail provides a simple wizard-based interface for creating video messages, attaching (optional) text message and sending them to one or more recipients. The system allows for external authentication of users or a pre-authenticated mode with a public/private key encrypted token being passed as a user endorsement, thus allowing for easy integration with an existing user management system.

Video Webmail is an open source solution and is currently available in two flavors: PHP and ASP. Both versions support MS SQL 2000 / MSDE and MySQL as a database back-end. The ASP version adds support for MS Access data store.

Package Contents:
  • The ASP and PHP source code;
  • MS Access DB store;
  • Data schema configuration script;
  • Setup instructions;
  • Configuration documentation.
System Requirements:

Video WebMail ASP:

  • Microsoft Windows NT Server / Server 2000 / Server 2003;
  • IIS 4 /5 / 6;
  • ASP 3.0;
  • MS SQL 2000 (or MSDE) or MySQL 4.10 or later;

Video WebMail PHP:

  • PHP 4.3 or later (any supported platform);
  • MS SQL 2000 (or MSDE) or MySQL 4.10 or later;
How much does it cost?

It's free.

So what's the catch?

There's no catch. We give the code away for free. You will need a license for the @ctiVideo.Web capture control from ActiVideo, Inc. If you don't mind the small logo in the bottom right corner, you can use their evaluation version and keep the system absolutely free.

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