A break-through single channel digital video surveillance system that is as easy to use as your home VCR, yet powerful enough to allow full-motion digital video recording for up to 6 weeks, remote monitoring over a local area network or the Internet and easy review of the recorded video with a click of a button.

VideoCUBE 1000 can work in stand-alone mode using an optional video or computer monitor and a handy remote control, as well as a networked recording node, providing a cost-effective solution with low entry cost and excellent scalability. And when you need more cameras, just add more VideoCUBEs – up to 250 cubes working together!


  • Up to 6 weeks of full motion video recording!

  • Up to 9 months (yes, 9 months!) of time-lapse recording!

  • Record, view, search, retrieve and transmit video at the same time!

  • Stand-alone mode – just attach the monitor and the remote control and turn it on! Easy, isn’t it?

  • Fully networkable – combine multiple CUBEs on your network. Monitor, retrieve and archive all of them from a single location!

  • Monitor up to 4 cameras using a single box! (requires optional video switch)

  • Works with standard NTSC or PAL video cameras, as well as wireless and concealed cams!


  • Very easy to use, intuitive interface – as simple as your VCR controls;
  • Monitor or retrieve video over a phone-line, local network or the Internet;
  • Stores all video locally – no extra stress on your already loaded network;
  • Perfect for unattended operation – records weeks or months of video without operator interaction;
  • A turn-key replacement for existing time-lapse recording equipment, adding reliability and capacity at a fraction of the cost;
  • Optional wireless networking for a seamless deployment: monitor large areas without expensive wiring and view video from anywhere.

Whether you need a single point monitoring or a sophisticated campus-wide video surveillance and control system, the digital video specialists at A1 Alpha, Inc. can help you find the right solution without putting an extra strain on your budget. Our friendly staff will guide you from your system design, through your component selection and configuration all the way to the system installation, test and deployment!

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